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"...a synergy of technical, industrial and human endeavour"

Industry executives today recognise that utilisation of qualified support service personnel is the most cost-effective means of approaching and meeting numerous manpower problems. A company that experiences cyclical conditions is frequently confronted with the dilemma of fluctuating workloads and schedules. Increased manpower requirements, or increased production schedules present management with the urgency of finding cost-effective solutions to these problems.

TAP International Services Limited is a company dedicated to servicing the ever expanding and technically complex needs of modern industry. We can offer the most cost-effective means of approaching and meeting numerous corporate needs. TAP has worked with the world leaders in the Aerospace and Manufacturing Industries worldwide.


TAP International Services

AS 9100:2009-Rev /C

ISO 9001:2008



Our Clients


We pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with our clients. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and innovative range of solutions available, guaranteeing that you willl want to work with us time and time again.

We are also responsible for proactively managing specific client relationships both strategically and tactically, responding to client escalations and enquiries on a daily basis. Central to each initiative is our commitment to continue building and developing key relationships. These are progressive and subject to constant review to maintain and enhance our service levels. We conduct regular performance review meetings with our clients to ensure that these service levels are met, and use these opportunities to measure interest in planned new initiatives, enabling us to deliver tailored services to match client requirement on short or long term projects.






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